55 Things I Have Learnt in 55 Years

Over three years ago, when I started this blog, one of my first posts was 52-things-i-have-learnt-in-52-years/ and I decided that it may be time for an update. After all we never stop learning. Here are my 55 things I have learnt in 55 years! Please don’t forget to leave your best life lessons in the comments! ❤️

1. Experiences are more important than pounds in your bank account.

2. Never ever make a decision/or give a response when you are angry. Sleep on it and respond/ decide the next day .

3. Don’t be a sheep. Go your own way in life. You are unique, so following others on their individual paths is pointless, and ultimately unfulfilling.

4. Don’t put off caring for all aspects of your health. The earlier you do this, the better you will feel as you age.

5. Don’t take any crap from anybody. Ever. Make time for the people you love and surround yourself with optimistic people that uplift you. Avoid negative people like the plague.

6. Be kinder to the planet. Be mindful of the environment. Do what you can to educate those who are burying their heads in the sand.

7. Do not live for a time when you will be thinner/richer, or have a better job or house. Today is all we have.

8. Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you are the only one saying so.

9. When people you care about are in trouble,  the best thing you can do is just be with them. Do not judge or try and fix the situation, just listen.

10. Don’t let anyone tell you that self love is being selfish. It’s perfectly right to put yourself first.. (who else will?)

11. Try not to worry about the things that stress you daily. Consider if you are likely to be worrying about the same problem in a year.

12. Get lots of sleep.

13. Play your favourite music at least once a day and sing or dance with abandon.

14. Love wholeheartedly.  Give your everything to your partner. There is no time for half measures.


15, if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, leave. You will be much better off on your own.

16. Stay focused on your career whatever it is, but don’t get caught up in thinking that big bucks means big happiness.

17. Take time out to smell the freshly brewed coffee, breathe in the sea air, smell the newly cut grass.

18. Money spent on a good haircut is an investment.

19. Find a hobby that excites you and throw yourself into it.

20. Learn to like yourself. In the end, never mind how happy your love life, there is only you.

21. Spend time with animals. This time is never wasted.

22. Be flexible in your goals as you grow and change over the years. Understand that you may be a different person to the person you were ten years before and will probably have different goals and aspirations. You don’t only live once; you live multiples lives within one.

23. Give your children all the time they need. One day they won’t need you as much.

24. Give time and money to causes you believe in.

25. You will never EVER please everyone. So stop trying.

26. When you have made a mistake, take responsibility and apologise unreservedly.

27. Make an effort to learn another language.

28. There are no mistakes – just important lessons to be learned.

29. Don’t dismiss another’s beliefs just because they are not your own.

30. Adopt a live and let live policy.

31. It’s never too late to further your education.

32. Give a home to a rescue animal. You will never regret it.

33. Time spent on a beach is never wasted, being near the sea will rejuvenate your spirit.

34. Use a high factor sunscreen.

35. Don’t stay in the comfort zone!! Doing things that scare you will ultimately bring the most feelings of achievement and fulfilment.

36. Be careful when giving advice. It may not always be welcome.

37. Don’t become over involved in social media. It’s not a true reflection of life, yours or anyone else’s.

38. Don’t judge people. You cannot know what has brought them to the place they are in today.

39. Ignore anyone who says that wine is bad for you.

40. Every time you find yourself comparing your life to someone else’s, remember you are wasting yours; stop comparing and make your own version of success instead.

41. Believe in yourself and your abilities. It’s the foundation upon which real confidence is built.

42. Read. A lot. Reading will improve your vocabulary as well as your knowledge.

43. Every so often make an effort to reinvent yourself. Think Madonna!

44. Spend time with people who make you laugh. There is nothing better.

45. Forgive and let go. Holding on to grudges will make you bitter.

46. Try not to take things personally – no one is thinking about you as much as you are.

47. Be kind with your words, actions, and intentions.

48. Whatever you choose to be, be a good one.

49. Compliment others.

50. Leave your mark.

51. Trust your own instincts. There is no point having gut feelings if we ignore them. The worst enemy of success is self doubt.

52. Happiness is a choice you can make every single day, and everything else is just perspective.

53. In an fast world, aim to slow down and if you can, live slow. Be mindful about everything you do from eating to shopping.

54. You are a student of life, for your whole life. Commit to keep learning, evolving, and expanding your mind.

55. You are the only one responsible for your life… so do what is right, remembering that this may not always be the easy option. ❤️

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