What Does It Mean To Be A Woman In Her Mid Fifties in 2021?

💙☀️Question: What does it mean to be a woman in her mid fifties in 2021?

💙☀️For me, being a woman of 55 means having a strong sense of my own identity, being in control of my life, accepting my body that has adapted and changed over time, being confident and comfortable in who and what I am, and doing what I can to support and build up the people in my life. ☀️💙

💙☀️It means having the wisdom to be grateful for what I have ….while still being hungry enough to grow and change. To continue to feel thats it’s never too late, and to know that I still have so much to learn. To take responsibility for my decisions and put everything I have into everything I do. ☀️💙

💙☀️It means not taking any rubbish from anyone. No matter who they are. And feeling excited that there is still so much to do. So many places to visit and people to meet. Buts it’s not just about rushing about doing stuff. It’s also about appreciating doing nothing sometimes and watching the world go by. Life is a gift and l am not going to waste a single day. 💙☀️

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