It’s A Cats Life

Cats are probably one of the animals which have benefited from Coronavirus. How many of us are now at home with our fluffy friends most of the time? My remaining 2 cats, Buffy and Lili, (sadly we lost Morris last year and Dennis in the summer) are certainly enjoying having us home all the time, and I think they have become even more demanding in their little ways as a result.


Take the cat flap. Well, they don’t, that’s the point. Why use a cat flap when there is a perfectly good human to let you in and out of the back door, if you sit and stare at it long enough? When said human opens the door, it is clearly cat policy to look at the door for another full minute or so, then sit half in and half out and …… contemplate. They don’t want to be rushed into any rash decisions. So I stand there, waiting for a decision, as all the expensive heat drifts out the open door and the icy cold comes in. Eventually, a decision will be made, but it will be a very temporary one. If the cat does go out, it will want to come back in seconds later. If they wanted to come back in, they will want to go out again. I don’t actually know why we bother with the cat flap at all, the only thing it seems to be useful for is letting OTHER Cats in, who then eat our cats food and scarper.

The late Dennis…. and Lili

Buffy does her best to see off other cats, although there is a kind of “can’t really be bothered” attitude to most of her efforts in this regard. Staring a cat into leaving the garden, seems to be her modus operandi, and to be honest it’s pretty rubbish in that it hardly ever works. Occasionally, she will hare off up the garden at a pace, chasing a trespasse, but then content herself with sitting about twenty feet away from him and trying the staring tactic again. Unfortunately, she can’t keep it up very long and often dozes off, as does the other cat. If only humans fought wars like this…

Buffy and Dennis in the background

If there is fighting to be done, both my cats seem to prefer the dead of night to start a brawl. This morning at 2am, I was walking up and down my road in my dressing gown and Andys’ shoes, looking for Lili, convinced that she was lying somewhere horribly injured. We had been woken by growls and screams and meows that sounded as if she was being attacked by a lion. Apparently she was just having a scrap with the ginger across the road. Having trudged up and down the road a few times, I glanced up and saw her sitting in the warm looking out at me from the lounge window. The look said “What an earth are you doing, crazy human?”

Lili disapproving of me

Fighting aside, cats certainly have great timing. Lili is always super keen to sit on my laptop keyboard, but only if there is an important work Zoom/Skype call scheduled. If I try and lock her out of the room while I have my meeting, there is frantic and heart rending howling so loud and screechy at the door, that I worry my colleagues must think me cruel. The meeting then effectively stops for 10 minutes, while everyone coos at Lili. Then, there is another break while all members of the meeting pop off to fetch their pets so we can all admire each others animals. I can’t tell you how many times this happens. Before coronavirus I had no idea that colleagues had so many pets. Now I know their names, their habits and even their birthdays.

Lili sitting on my laptop

It usually turns out that all Lili wanted while the Zoom meeting was going on, was food, and here we come to another crazy cat fact. My cats will meow for food as if they haven’t been fed for a week. On being fed however, (the best cat food mind, not some cheap own brand stuff), they will have approximately a quarter of a mouthful and then walk away. Twenty minutes later the howling will begin again. When I helpfully show them their full bowl of cat food on the floor, the look I receive is beyond distain. The look says: “THAT has been down for 20 minutes! You can’t expect me to eat THAT! What are you trying to do, kill me?”

No, I have not been in the cobwebby garage, whatever makes you think that?”

if I can hold out and not put any food down, (I cave about 50% of the time), the look I get given is dripping with disapproval. In fact, if I think about it, my cats continually disapprove of whatever I am doing. They have that look of quiet and resigned boredom mixed with a large dollop of reproach at whatever activity I am attempting. I have no idea why I am such a disappointment.

The late Morris (AKA Fatface)

I also have no idea why there are so keen on coming to the bathroom with me, but it seems they have a “No human can go to the bathroom alone” rule. I worry about this sometimes, as in, do they know something I don’t? It’s like when they are enjoying a cuddle with you and then suddenly stare off into that space just behind your left shoulder, with wild eyes and a tensed body. What are they seeing? My friend told me that cats can see ghosts, so now I am completely freaked out whenever they do it.


I have noticed that they do the ‘staring past my shoulder’ thing mostly at night, particularly when I’m alone in the house. I’m convinced they have cat meetings in which they discuss the best ways to wind me up. When they are not terrifying me by seeing ghosts, they actually pretend to BE ghosts, usually by getting themselves locked in a room, sometime before bed, so that you are woken by all manner of noises and come to the conclusion that ghosts must be real. Then it turns out to be Lili who got stuck in the attic.

This looks like a comfy place to have a nap

Talking of bedtime, Buffy has some odd sleeping habits. Although the lucky owner of countless expensive cat beds, she prefers to lie on a) an old bit of newspaper, b) the cold marble fireplace, or c) our bed. She particularly loves to sprawl out on our bed around OUR bedtime. Andy and I then try and get into the bed in a way that doesn’t disturb her, and do our best to get comfortable teetering on the far edges, while Buffy has 5 feet of space sprawled out in the middle.

I bought this sheepskin rug so Buffy could lay by the fire

Dennis was always a big fan of boxes. Any size, big or small, he would make it work.

Dennis loved a box to sleep in
The one time that Dennis and Lili actually used a cat bed

Buffy and Lili are getting on a bit now, so we hardly ever have to deal with them bringing in any wildlife from the garden. They have had their moments though. Buffy went through a dragon fly phase a couple of years ago, and Dennis once memorably brought a squirrel through the cat flap. Other notable occasions included the fun afternoon trying to catch a blackbird flying around the landing, and we certainly spent many hapless hours trying to catch tiny voles and mice who had managed to escape the cats clutches and were holed up behind the washing machine. I once saw a particularly feisty mouse bite Lili on the nose. She went off mousing for a while after that.

I actually don’t know what I would do without my cats. They are my prefect little companions, are happy to give me unconditional love, don’t judge or argue with me and are always waiting by the door when I return home. I feel privileged to share our home with my cats…. and I know that they think I am privileged to 🙂

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  1. Oh, cats. I miss them. I think. After reading this…. My husband is extremely allergic to cats. He married me with a cat, And until she died of old age, he suffered terribly. I really grew up not knowing people could be allergic to cats. Burmese are beautiful.

    • Aw that is so sad. I don’t think I could live without cats. If my husband Andy developed an allergy I think he would have to go and live in the shed!!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful job of capturing the essence of sharing your life with a cat (can’t really call it owning a cat, can we?!). Reading this made me miss our dearly departed Samantha afresh!

    • Thanks so much Jane. Yes I believe cats have staff, not owners ! They stay with you for such a long time. I know you are missing your Samantha. I still miss Morris who left us a year ago now.

  3. Loved reading this article Karen as I am a cat addict too! Our black and white cat (Sophie) will sometimes stand by our front door and I will ask “do you want to go out” and open the door and she will walk away! She also likes to sleep on the rug in front of our gas fire and as winter draws in will place her back feet on the hearth warming her toes. Your picture of Buffy laying by the fire made me smile. Stay safe xx

  4. I love this post! You touch on so many quirky and sometimes annoying things that seem particularly unique to cats, like howling to go out, only to instantly want back in, or just standing in the doorway, neither going out or coming in. But, they’re so precious that we happily put up with it all.

  5. Tell me about it. If my cat merely thought of me as a servant before, now I’m his own personal Mr. Carson, attending to his every need without hesitation or complaint. I don’t allow him outside, however, because this is New York, we have traffic, coyotes and jerks who would harm cats, and he’s a wimp.

    • Oh bless him! Cats do need staff and I love the look of disdain/boredom even when you have done your utmost to try and make them happy 😂😂😂

  6. Your cats are gorgeous! And I love how you write about them. Cat owners (if that’s what we call ourselves) are a special breed. We have seven – two are 13, two are 2 and the babies are 18 months. Five boys, two girls. I love them to pieces! They are my heart…

    • Oh my 7!!! So jealous … I am currently trying to lure in another couple of strays in our neighbourhood… it our own 2 are very anti other cats… they are even anti each other!!!

      • Hi! Our seven have adjusted to our move, we think. I saw we think because four of them don’t seem to be quite right – three are sneezing a lot, one of those three is also throwing up a bit, and a fourth is losing tiny patches of hair on the top of his head. People have said maybe it’s a reaction to paint smells, the new flooring and a new carpet in one room. I hope that’s all it is.

      • Oh bless them! I guess they find change as difficult as humans… lots of love to all of them xx

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