Looking At ‘The Smaller Picture’ This Autumn

As this epidemic continues, I find myself watching the news and starting to dread each new statistic. Even people of a positive and optimistic nature, (of which I count myself one), are struggling at the moment, and I have realised that the reason it is so upsetting, (apart from the obvious), is two fold. Firstly, the situation feels so vast and overwhelming and second, I feel powerless to do anything about it.

Sadly, nothing much I can write today will change the facts – we are in the middle of a pandemic and things are going to be tough for some time to come. But perhaps we can change the way we look at things – concentrate on the smaller picture for once, instead of the bigger one. Concentrating on the ‘smaller picture’ for me is about appreciating the little things.

As we come into autumn, and winter will soon be on the way, it is daunting to think of the cold months ahead coupled with the restrictions, the ‘not knowing’ element and the scary predictions.

But stop a minute. Even with all that going on, there are still so many little little gems that Autumn and Winter gift us every year, even in the middle of a pandemic. We just have to remember to see them!

Here are some some ‘smaller picture’ things to think about and remind ourselves of. Yes, they are all small, but it could only take one or two to lift the mood of the day.

My message today therefore is STOP WATCHING THE NEWS and concentrate on the simple pleasures still available to us.

The joys of leaf kicking on a woodland walk and finding big beautiful conkers.

A log fire in the lounge or sitting around a chimenea in the garden.

Curling up with a favourite book.

Watching a favourite movie with a massive bowl of buttery popcorn.

An indulgent pumpkin spiced latte with cream.

Walking along a beach on a stormy afternoon and watching the waves crash onto the shore.

Slipping into bed with crisp new sheets and a hot water bottle.

Homemade cookies with extra chocolate chips.

Being warm and safe inside while a thunder storm rages outside.

An indulgent bath complete with candles.

Carving a pumpkin.

Putting cosy slippers on.

Losing yourself in a big oversize jumper.

Feeding squirrels, birds and hedgehogs in your garden.

Building a hedgehog home. Andy built this one below, and I am pictured with it before we took in to a quiet end of the garden and half buried it under leaves and twigs.

Finding a bargain in the online sales.

Cosy furry hats and scarves.

Sheepskin mittens.

A new pair of boots.

Making a vast bowl of pasta and pouring over a homemade creamy sauce.

Making your own toffee apples.

Feeling the wind in your hair.

Scented candles

Scary halloween movies

Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

A winter project: I may start knitting again!

Remember how Autumn is wonderful for all our senses! Get outside and feel the crunch of leaves underfoot, the misty mornings, the colours of the trees, the whiff of smoke from the chimney and the smell of a spiced pumpkin latte. Little things yes, but enough to change the mood? Well, you never know.

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  1. Fully agree with and endorse your thoughts and ideas! Rarely have we needed to focus on the simple pleasure we can observe and enjoy from what surrounds us. We must live for the ‘now’ and in the moment wherever and whenever we are able. A friends tells me he finds three such things in each day as it comes, to preserve his well-being.

    • Thank you so much for reading and what a great idea about the three things!! Simple pleasures are key!

  2. Agreed with this post. Control what you can in these challenging times! I do tune into the news but only at the start and end of each day and not in the middle. There is no point. And to do the small things that you love each and every day.

  3. Some kind of 50 you are looking good. Such beautiful pics and thoughts while the beginning of the post sounded sad 😊

    My suggestion : pls stop watching TV and reading negative things. Life is beautiful 💖🤗

  4. I couldn’t agree more! We just do the best we can with what we’re handed in these tough times. You’re an awesome blogger and that’s something this crisis can’t take away from you! <3

  5. “Rule #32: Enjoy the little things” – sage advice from (of all things) a zombie movie. When you look back, things that seemed little can often turn out to have been the start of some of the biggest things in your life. Great Oaks do grow from little acorns – but think on: a California Redwood starts from a seed the size of a match-head. Loved the Post!

  6. I have always loved this time of the Year. Even though it signals the coming of shorter days. Nature always has a way of cheering us up,as we marvel at the vivid colours of trees and shrubs.I am always reminded of the timeless Sinatra recording of “Autumn Leaves” the opening lyrics starting with ” The Autumn Leaves .pass by my window. The Autumn Leaves of red and gold”. I particularly love the morning dews that glisten and sparkle in the early morning sunrise. We see huge orange Pumpkins appearing all over the place, signalling the arrival of Halloween.Kids getting ready to frighten the “Wotzits” out of us, if we don’t give into their demands for candy treats. It’s a special time of the year, to be enjoyed, and celebrated by everyone.

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