Thank You Dennis

Last week I wrote a post about Dennis, our Burmese cat who had to be put to sleep age 16. I wasn’t planning to write more, but this evening my son, who now lives in Canada, and who grew up with Dennis, sent me the following poem. I was so moved by it I wanted to post it as a final goodbye. The poem is called “Thank you Dennis”❤️

I hear you enter the house
Loud as a Lion
Maybe holding a mouse

I feel you brush against my feet
Purring away
It’s incredibly sweet

At night you jump up to see
If I am asleep
And you can steal some heat

You always demanded food with such lip
But it was charming
So I didn’t mind a bit

You’d look after Mum when she was sad
You were one of the best friends
She’d ever had

You fought with Lili but cuddled too
I hope she’s gonna be okay
Without you

But most of all Dennis what I’m going to miss
Is the times when it was just us
And I wasn’t far away like this

You will always be one of my friends
I love you a lot
And I will to the end

So thank you Dennis for all that you were
And I will always remember
The feeling of your fur

Alfie Smith

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