50 Thoughts On Staying Positive – Coronavirus

Now, more than ever, it is so important to remain as positive as we can. The Coronavirus crisis is like nothing we have ever faced before and we are having to confront new challenges daily.   Some are facing this time alone, staying at home day after day, unsure of when things may return to normality. Others are feeling scared and are having to continue going to work. None of this is easy, but take some time to look around you.  The worst crisis we have faced as a nation since the Second World War is bringing out the very best in human nature. All over the internet, on the television and radio, we are hearing the most wonderful heart warming stories of people reaching out and helping, motivating and supporting others, in the most inspiring and innovative ways.

This is also a time for self care. A time for us to be proactive about creating small moments of happiness in our days, because being positive will help us negate the effects of anxiety and stress.  Even if you are living in isolation there are still moments to savour; the smell of a new recipe cooking, a walk in your garden, or learning new ways of communicating with family friends and work colleagues. I have been using Zoom this afternoon!  My two friends and I had a hugely enjoyable couple of hours talking, laughing and catching up. Take these moments and give your brain a chance to process the pleasure-boosting chemical serotonin, which helps raise mood and inspires calmness and well being.

“You may not be where you want to be, but you might just be a little further along than you have been giving yourself credit for. “

Here are a few more of my thoughts on staying positive.  As always, if you have any different ideas that work for you, please put them in the comments!❤️

  1. This situation will not last forever. Time will pass and before you know it, we will return to our normal busy existence.  Try not to despair.  Think of it as a rare chance to have some peace and quiet, some time to reflect, time to re-set and re-energise. In the scheme of things, it will be only a few short weeks out of our lives.
  2. Spring and summer are on the way. Lighter evenings and sunshine are coming. We may be stuck inside, but sunlight will always makes us feel better. I am supremely grateful that we are not heading into this situation at the start of winter.
  3. Decide today that you will make the best of this situation. Make a plan of things you would like to use this time for. Think of it as a time to catch up, to do things you haven’t had time to do and to enjoy some peace. There will be plenty of time in the future to be busy, socialise and rush around again.
  4. If you are isolated with family, enjoy this period of time with them.  How often do we have the time to have long conversations, extended meals and debates over mid-morning coffee?
  5. When you wake in the morning, do not immediately reach for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This fills your mind with lots of scary info that is not necessarily required, and it sets the tone for a worried day.  Instead rise, breathe deeply, stretch and repeat some favourite mantras.
  6. Try not to overthink the situation. Overthinking is usually about trying to control everything so there are no nasty surprises. The reality is, we can’t control this situation, and thinking of worst case scenarios will not help.  You will only open up new opportunities to frighten yourself.
  7. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by thoughts of how long this will go on. Concentrate only on what you are doing for the next 24 hours or so.
  8. Focus on the positives both in your local community and wider both nationally,  (for example the fantastic response to Clap For Our Carers,) and globally. All over the world people are pulling together in a Herculean effort to beat this virus.
  9. Decide to dress, shower and make an effort with appearance EVERY day, even if you are not seeing anyone. It WILL make you feel better.
  10. Be kind and compassionate to all those you come into contact with.  Be generous to those worse off.  I love this quote from Helen Keller: “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”
  11. In that vein, thank key-workers whenever you have the chance to. That includes the shelf-fillers at your local supermarket. Please resist moaning at staff because they haven’t got your favourite apples!
  12. Think about everything that you still have to be thankful for.
  13. There is no need to give up on your dreams.  Remember that dreams and aspirations are merely on hold for the time being and this situation may give you time that you would not have had previously, to make plans and do some ground work.
  14. Do not spend hours watching the news anxiously and analysing every headline. This situation will unfold in its own time, whether you are worrying about it or not.
  15. Decide to accept what you cannot change or do anything about.
  16. Try and be open minded about the negative news stories you hear and not judge anyone. Getting angry and blaming various groups will just add to feelings of bitterness and negativity.
  17. Try Mindfulness. If your thoughts start running away at top speed, stop. Look around for something you can concentrate on;  An apple, a piece of jewellery, a cup of coffee, anything that is available. Set yourself a timer and concentrate fully on that item for 2 or 3 minutes. Touch it, consider the weight of it, it’s texture, it’s colour, it’s smell.  If nothing is available to you, look around and count 5 things you can hear, 5 you can smell, and 5 you can touch. If that doesn’t appeal, plan a holiday or do some online window shopping. Distract yourself until the overwhelming feelings pass.
  18. Remember it is OK to look after yourself first.
  19. Try and live day to day, and not worry too much about the future.
  20. You have many hidden talents. Take this time to discover and nurture them.
  21. Instead of watching hours of news, find an  uplifting nature programme to watch or try a comedy. I particularly love This Country on BBC4,  but there are programmes, films, box-sets and series that will suit everyone.  When was the last time (and when will be the next) when you can indulge in watching television during the day?
  22. If you have animals, enjoy the time you can spend with them at the moment. My 3 cats are an endless source of joy for me.
  23. Make a bucket list of everything you want to do when life returns to normal.
  24. Give yourself a treat every day.
  25. Try and speak to someone every day even if only on the telephone. Your interaction with someone else could potentially make their day.
  26. Try not to judge others.  We are all coping in our own ways and we do not necessarily understand or see the underlying struggles of others.
  27. Negative thoughts should always be verbalised before they grow into something unmanageable. Say it out loud and, if possible, talk it over with someone. If no one is available, talk to a mirror.
  28. Be open to learning new things about yourself in this situation.
  29. Stay calm and strive to speak in a low controlled voice, even when you feel upset or angry.  Particularly relevant when living with others in close proximity.
  30. Today is a new day. We are a day nearer to the end of this situation than we were this time yesterday.
  31. Try not to worry. Keep perspective. For example, worrying night after night about catching the virus is massively stressful and unhelpful.
  32. Sing. Turn on some favourite songs, grab a hairbrush microphone and belt out some of your favourite tunes.  This is so good for stress relief and will uplift your mood massively.
  33. Get outside if you can… look around you and take in the fresh air. A bike ride or a run is even better, but a brisk walk should help you get you back in that positive frame of mind.
  34. Be excited for the future and resolve not to take life for granted again.  There are so many opportunities and experiences coming your way. Be ready!
  35. Remember that one of life’s insurmountable truths is, it REALLY is never too late. Now is a perfect time to think about what really matters to you and resolve to do something about it.
  36. Try not to panic. Breathe deeply and repeat to yourself that you are in control of your thoughts and there is plenty of time to think about this particular worry later. Slow down and be mindful in whatever you are doing. Count to ten, breath slowly, make a conscious effort to relax your body, un-clench your hands, and close your eyes. Picture yourself on a beach or a favourite place.
  37. Listen to podcasts or read positive-thinking blogs.  There are so many wonderful ideas and coping strategies available out there. Pick and choose which ones work for you! Every single one  of the people you admire are also having to deal with this situation. They may be sharing their thoughts online.
  38. Accept that feelings and emotions are just visiting thoughts, NOT facts. They do not change your reality. Let them come… and then go.
  39. Create or build something from scratch. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of having built or created something from nothing.
  40. Dance! Turn on your favourite songs and dance around the house. Have a disco on your own or with others.  We had an Eighties hour the other evening, it was such fun, got my heart going and brought the family together.
  41. You can become a more positive thinker with practice: Every single negative thing that has happened in your life has made you stronger and more resilient.  This situation will be no different.
  42. Take this time to look after your amazing body. It’s the place you live! If you have been neglecting it. this is a great time to give it some TLC.
  43. Use this time to treasure your happy memories. Make a scrap book or photo album and enjoy them long after this is over.
  44. Challenge yourself. Doing something outside of your comfort zone will give you immense satisfaction.
  45. Remember we are all in this together. No one should feel alone.
  46. Learn something new.   Everything from piano and guitar tuition to lessons in German, French or Spanish are available on YouTube. When will get an opportunity like this again.?
  47. This positive thought is nothing to do with Coronavirus, but it is one of my favourites: The chances of you being born were 1 in approx 400 trillion! Life is such a gift. Yes, this is a challenging time, but try and concentrate instead on what a rare and precious opportunity you have been given!
  48. Eat (relatively) healthily ..but remember to have the odd treat (or two).  Mint choc chip ice cream anyone?
  49. Exercise daily. Run, dance, stretch, do yoga, or follow Joe Wicks, The Green Goddess or Mr Motivator doing their current television specials. Get your body moving. It’s the best quick fix of self-empowerment I know.
  50. Stay calm, grounded and strong. We will be recounting stories of this time for years to come.  And those stories will evoke memories of strength and resilience.  A time when we believed in each other and learnt more about ourselves than in any other single year of our lives.

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    • Thank you such great ideas 🥰 I love the 80’s disco night, will try that one 💃 Can see me coming back to this article for inspiration 👍 many thanks, Claire

      • Fantastic!! Thank you so much! I expect pictures from the disco night 🙂

  1. Great suggestions. Fellow Blogger Cyranny at Cyranny’s Cove has a “dance” every day at 10 am and 10 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. She puts up a music video and you just dance along. Not Zoom or anything like that. My husband and have been joining in for the last three days. We are always late but it doesn’t matter. We have also done some Zumba online which makes both of us smile! Stay well!

    • Fantastic! It’s amazing the new and positive things we are discovering during this crisis…. ❤️

  2. Thank you! Made me cry but made me feel better too! Going to try to use all your ideas to feel better xx

    • Oh no! I hope you feel better now…. thank you so much for reading and I hope it helps a little xxx

  3. Brilliant advice in these troubled times! Thank you so much … I will definitely take a lot of your advice! xx

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