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How would it feel to create an award winning, environmentally friendly, range of natural aromatherapy  skin and body care products? This week I met Olivia Chapman of Oleo Bodycare who has done just that!

Oleo Bodycare was created to nourish, re-hydrate and protect skin of all ages and types. Rich ingredients supplement a gentle aromatherapy skincare regime that works in harmony with mind and body. The range is completely hand made in small batches by Olivia at her workshop in Bridport in Dorset, is completely vegan, and is surprisingly affordable.

The Oleo range encompasses facial care, bath and body care, hair care, home fragrance, diffusers, room sprays and massage balms, together with a selection of massage and body brushes, cellulite massagers and bath accessories. It’s an impressive operation, and I had that familiar  ‘child in a sweetshop’ sensation looking around her workshop! Oleo Bodycare caters for all ages and skin types and the products are plant based and cruelty free.

Oleo Bodycare was born in 2008 when Olivia, a trained massage therapist and aromatherapist,  began to create her own range of environmentally friendly, sustainable creams and oils. Olivia started selling at Bridport Market, and, as the reputation of the products grew and the word spread, the website was born, and has grown at a phenomenal rate ever since, testament to the popularity of the products to which her customers return again and again.


We firmly believe that our formulations… benefit mind, body and wellbeing, using high quality essential oils, herbs, vegetable oils and extracts.” ~ Olivia Chapman


Oleo uses only completely sustainable packing materials. All packaging is recyclable,  made from rice starch and is 100% biodegradable. All plastic bottles are recycled. Plastic is used as sparingly as possible and Olivia hopes to eventually cease using it completely.  Where possible, items are sold in glass jars. For local repeat customers, Olivia happily refills bottles to avoid plastic waste.



Having visited the workshop, I have been trying some of the products this week, and here are a few of my favourites:

I have super sensitive eyes, so am always wary of trying out new eye care products, but Oleo‘s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover£11), contains soothing calendula oil, and rose and chamomile in a light creamy base, so I was hoping that I wouldn’t get that nasty stinging sensation. Definitely no stinging, and more than that, it removed my makeup in one swipe and felt lovely on my eyes, not too oily, but not too drying either, and at £11, is half the price of my usual brand.

Similarly, my usual eye creams are often priced upwards of £40, but even at that price, don’t always feel comfortable on my eyes, so I was interested as to whether Oleo’s Gentle Eye Cream (£15) could provide an alternative. The blend contains mango and shea butters which protect the skin and improve suppleness. The cream has macadamia, rosehip and apricot oils which deliver vital moisture, and chamomile essential oil which helps to reduce puffiness. In practice, it feels smooth, creamy and comfortable on the eye and absorbed quickly, so I was able to apply makeup. The skin around the eye is extremely delicate and this feels rich enough to be helping with fine lines, without being too heavy and causing puffiness.


I am a big fan of facial serums so was keen to try Essential Skin Serum (£26.50) This one has plum and apricot kernel oils for quick absorption, and argan and pomegranate seed oil, both of which are extremely rich and nutritious. Rosehip seed oil, which is excellent for tissue regeneration,  and Seabuckthorn oil, to combat wrinkles and dryness,  provide the anti ageing element. This serum can also be used as a stand alone product. It feels incredibly  rich on on the skin, but it does absorb quite quickly, leaving your face feeling incredibly soft and nourished.

I prefer wash off cleansers rather than creamy ones, and as soon as I opened Gentle Facial Wash (£14.50), I was hooked! It smells heavenly, (a bit like Turkish Delight),  and gave my face a lovely squeaky clean feeling. It contains cleansing lemon and geranium (giving it that gorgeous smell) essential oils.

Oleo’s Happy Lips lip balm (£4.50) protects the delicate skin on your lips. A good one for Andy who is out surfing in all winds and weathers! It contains ultra-nourishing and super-smoothing botanicals to soften and moisturise.


With regards to face cream, I like a light, easily absorbed cream to use in the morning,  so I am not waiting around to put on my makeup. Oleo’s Frankincense Day Cream (£20) is perfect with its plant oils of jojoba, coconut, rosehip, and evening primrose and protein-rich soya bean oil. The rejuvenating properties of frankincense make it one of the most important essential oils for improving skin tone and treating ageing skin and wrinkles.  It is also enriched with skin-loving vitamins E and B5.

With regards to a night cream, as a menopausal 50-something,  I need a high performance moisturiser.  Resilience (£24) fits the bill perfectly.   Especially suitable for “older” skins, the Hyaluronic acid in this cream plumps up the skin and gives it volume.  The hydrating element results in increased skin smoothness, softening and a decreased appearance of wrinkles. Collagen imparts greater elasticity, while sandalwood has excellent emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. It feels like a luxury mask and in the morning my skin felt like I had had a facial!

Finally, I have been using Blissful Body Cream (£21.50). This easily-absorbed, moisturising, whipped body cream is formulated with sunflower, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils to leave your skin silky smooth.  Skin-loving essential oils of lavender, geranium and frankincense add a long-lasting delectable fragrance. I am definitely going  to be taking this one on holiday with me!


Olivia herself is a joy to meet. It is obvious that a lot of the success of her brand stems from her own enthusiasm, positivity and commitment. Within a few minutes, I’m learning all about plant oils which can be easily absorbed by the skin when used in conjunction with essential oils. Olivia obviously loves what she does and her joy in her work come across. Olivia doesn’t use any mineral oils which are bad for the environment,  and are not good for our skin (they draw moisture out which is the opposite of what we want!), and neither does she use parabens, or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), a harsh foaming agent originally invented to degrease engines (!) Instead, she uses a gentle coconut derivative.

Recently, Oleo won the Editor’s Choice in The Beauty Shortlist Awards for  Rose Petal Cleansing Balm (£18.50). An innovative product, this balm can cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and nourish from just one little pot! I have no doubts at all that there are many more awards on the horizon for Oleo.


I am delighted to have found Oleo Bodycare, not only because it is a breath of fresh air in terms of the type of products I like and use, but also importantly for me, it is environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and cruelty free. I also love the fact that it is hand made, not mass produced.

If you want to treat your skin to a range of new delights, safe in the knowledge that you are not harming the planet, animals, or your bank balance, I invite you to give Olivia’s gorgeous range a try. Please click the link below to see what Oleo can offer you:❤️

*Disclaimer: All the products featured in this review were bought by Somekindof50 from Oleo Bodycare and no fee is being paid for this review. All opinions expressed herein are honest, my own and not influenced by others. 






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  1. Rashoning during the war actually helped most individual’s overcome the war..

    Body balances when we use natural products this also help individual’s who do suffer maintain restore their balance too..

    It’s not the product these day’s that helps, it’s what’s not in the product, that helps.. 😉😊👍🙏

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