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As you will know if you have seen my post My First Year Blogging, Somekindof50 is now just over a year old. In that time I have published 99 posts, and this being my  100th blog post,  I wanted to mark the occasion with a review of some of what has gone before.

As an ex-counsellor, I’m really interested in the concept of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, so not surprisingly most of the posts I have written on this blog have been about self help; about becoming more positive, gaining confidence and avoiding negative thinking.


Taking care of your mental wellbeing is vital.  If we are emotionally strong, it means we are better prepared for the ups and downs that life throws at us.

Most of my writing has been dedicated to making the most out of life and becoming your ‘best self’.  With this in mind, here is a super quick review of some of the most popular self help posts that I have published in the last year. They are listed below in the order of the “likes” they have received, which I appreciate does not make them necessarily better or more helpful than others,  but it offered me an order in which to present them!

There are lots of different strategies to practice self care below, and by practising these responses, we can prevent problems as well as protect ourselves, in our everyday lives. You don’t have to be suffering a mental health issue to benefit from increased self care, self care is for everyone, every day. 


We live in a stressful society and it’s easy to get bogged down and become physically and mentally depleted, especially when we are caring for others.  Practising self care isn’t selfish or inconsiderate, and it’s certainly not an indulgence, or something you do to feel good for minute or two.

Looking after yourself properly, not just for a day or two when things get overwhelmingly stressful, but every day, however you feel, will change the way you live your life and ultimately make you happier and healthier.

  1. It’s Never Too Late To … Reinvent Yourself
  2. Positive Thinking
  3. Loneliness
  4. A Fear of Flying
  5. Coping with Loss
  6. 50 Positive Things to Tell Yourself Every Day.
  7. 50 Things I Would Like To Tell My Younger Self
  8. Dying to Fit in – Self Harm and Suicide in Young People
  9. The Problem With Mondays
  10. 50 Reasons To Be Happy☀️
  11. Let’s Get Inspired!
  12. How to Control Worrying
  13. 50 Ways To Get Healthier – Now!
  14. How To Stop Negative Thinking.
  15. How Many Friends Should You Have?
  16. Happiness is… Being in my 50’s ❤️
  17. Why You Should Try Fasting
  18. Autumn Blues
  19. Coping with Anger
  20. It’s Never Too Late To … Build Your Confidence
  21. Alone Time … and Why It’s Important ❤️
  22. Never Diet Again
  23. Look After Yourself
  24. Becoming Your Best Self
  25. How To Deal With Panic Attacks
  26. Make Each Day Count
  27. “Feel the Fear…”
  28. Stop People Pleasing
  29. On Anxiety
  30. 20 Steps to Self Empowerment

All these posts are designed to help you consider (and reconsider) your self care and mental and physical well being, but if things are becoming increasingly difficult, or you have ever considered hurting yourself, please see your GP as soon as possible.

If things are difficult for you at the moment, don’t lose heart. Things will get better and you can only help the process by empowering  yourself with proven strategies,  that you can use every day.  ❤️

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival”  – Audre Lorde

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” –  Edward Stanley

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” –  Lalah Delia




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