The Problem With Mondays

What is it about Mondays? Often labelled the worst day of the week, we joke about how difficult it is getting through them … and associate them with a loss of fun, of freedom and our hard earned weekends.

Poor Monday! Why does it have such a bad wrap?  I’ve noticed in recent years that Monday has developed all sorts of negative connotations, and I wonder why we are all now associating Mondays with misery and woe … when actually there is no reason to.


The famous song, I don’t like Monday’s by The Boomtown Rats, released in 1979, was written by Bob Geldof when he heard about a school shooting at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California on 29 January 1979. The shooter, 16 yr old Brenda Ann Spencer, showed no remorse for the killings of 2 adults and the injuring of 8 children and a police officer. Her explanation for her actions was “I don’t like Mondays.”

I remember being fascinated with the song and the story at the time, (I was 12) and thinking about Geldof’s lyrics, particularly, “I want to shoot the whole day down.”  I’m glad to say I’ve never felt that bad about Mondays … but I have been guilty of making myself miserable on a Sunday night as the thought of Monday looms.

Monday is like any other day of the week!  Every day that you are alive is a gift, full of endless opportunities and wishing it away every week is wishing away one seventh of your life! If you are dreading the start of each new week and living for your weekends, something is sending a strong and clear message that there is a problem somewhere, and it’s time to do something about it.

Of course we all enjoy weekends, and for those of us who don’t have to work at weekends, we look forward to having time away from the limitations work places on us. We traditionally do things we love, be it socialising, drinking and eating more, and perhaps getting up later.  These weekend over-indulgences possibly take a toll on us and when Monday dawns, physically culminate in our feeling sluggish, out of sorts and at our least attractive!

Monday is actually no different to any other day and indeed can be viewed as the most positive day of the week in that it heralds a new start, new plans and a fresh outlook. Think of it as a brand new notebook, all fresh and empty, ready for you to live it, write it and experience it.  There are 52 mondays every year. Don’t waste a single one of them!

Even if you love your job, Monday may still be a tough day to cope with, simply because it means you have to make the transition from being in a relaxed strategy to being in a motivated to work state.


I love Mondays now because I love my life and because to me they represent a fresh start every week and new beginnings, but when I have struggled with Monday’s in the past, I have tried the following:

– Identify what the problem actually is: what do you particularly hate about Mondays? Be specific and clear. If it can be changed, commit to making that change.

– Read a positivity book, listen to an inspirational podcast or watch a YouTube video that lifts your mood and offers a motivational perspective.

– Remember that if you don’t like something in your life you have the ability to change it. If you hate your job, commit to applying for two jobs every Monday. Monday can then start to be about progression and moving towards something positive.

– Remember that negative thoughts do not make a negative situation real. They may be completely unfounded and irrational. Challenge negative thoughts as they arise and try and replace them with positive feelings. I know it’s not easy, but try controlling your negative thoughts instead of letting them control you.

– Don’t get into the habit of leaving tasks that you don’t like doing on a Friday to a Monday morning. Swap Friday afternoon jobs with Monday morning jobs! Mix it up a little and see what a difference it makes!


– Change your Monday morning routine: Intead of trudging to work with your head down, stop off for a  coffee or breakfast! Invite a work colleague to get lunch with you, make Monday lunchtime something to look forward to! Or alternatively, arrange an after-work get together or have friends round in the evening. In other words, treat it like a Friday.

– If it’s a nice sunny Monday, make sure you get out at lunchtime and get some rays.

– Order somehing new that will arrive on Monday so when you get home you have an exciting package waiting for you.

– Make a supreme effort with your appearance on a Monday. Dress for not only success, but positivity, inspiration and motivation!

– Listen to positive uplifting music or podcasts on the way to work.

– Try something new! There are lots of adult education courses available on Monday evenings. Try pottery, upholstery, yoga or trampolining! Why not give it a go?

– Try taking a tray of lattes or muffins in to work on a Monday morning. It is sure put everyone in a good mood – including you!

If after all theses ideas Monday’s still seem like the worst day of the week, and you aren’t in a position to change much at this point,  then instead of having a 2 week break in the summer holidays, take as many Mondays as you can as holiday days. At least until your perception of the day changes.

I wish you wonderful Monday’s … every single one of them! And just think, if there were no Monday’s, would we then dislike Tuesdays? Monday is a state of mind, not a reality.  Enjoy them, revel in them, and don’t let your state of mind convince you that they are anything to be avoided or miserable about. I’ll leave you with this lovely thought ❤️






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  1. For me, the times I have always looked forward to Mondays (or most any other day for that matter) are days when I have had jobs I absolutely loved like working with special needs children for more than 15 years. The times when Mondays were difficult were when i had jobs that I really did not like and just did to keep food on the table and a roof over my head. I think if a job is dragging us down, no matter what the job is, it is the job and not the day itself. I have done everything I can to try to make every job a good job in my mind, but it doesn’t always happen. Anyway, I have had many jobs where Mondays were something wonderful. I have had many of my own careers in my life and I looked forward every single day to going to my client’s facilities to work. The situation makes all the difference, I think, regardless of the day. Thank you kindly.

    • You are absolutely right of course! It is about what the day represents rather than the day itself. I think it’s too easy to get dragged down with a concept of a Monday rather than remembering that each one is unique and each one is what we make it! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated ❤️

  2. A great post. I’m retired, as is my husband, so every day is pretty much as any other day of the week. The only differences for my husband is when the YMCA is open and when he can golf. But there’s something still magical about the weekend!

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