It’s Never Too Late To … Reinvent Yourself

Have you ever felt like reinventing yourself?  You probably have, especially if you have ever felt stuck in a rut, or a major event has occurred in your life, forcing you to rethink and change direction. Reinventing yourself isn’t always easy. It may require courage, and commitment, especially if it is a long term goal, but it is possible – at any age! And change is not only positive, it is like breathing fresh new air into your life.

You will have redefined and reinvented yourself a few times during your life without even knowing it – consider the person you were at 25 and the person you are today. How many life changes have you been through during that time, big and small?  Some will have been undertaken because you decided to take a new path, others may have been forced upon you by circumstances.

Reinventing  yourself is exciting, a personal project that you can undertake at any time. There are no limits to where it will take you, other than those you place upon yourself.  It could be a career change, move to a new area, or something as simple as getting a new haircut. I have recently changed my hair colour quite drastically, from black to a very bright copper and I can’t tell you what a lift it has given me. I feel like a different person!


Perhaps your reinvention plans are more ambitious:  A friend of mine recently gave up her highly paid corporate job to open a dog walking and pet sitting business. She is happier than I have ever known her, and even looks younger!

Perhaps you already know how you would reinvent yourself, or perhaps you like the idea, but haven’t a clue how to start.  You may want to change your physical appearance or your job, complete your education or even emigrate! Whatever it is, don’t spend years thinking about doing it, until you decide one day it’s too late. It’s never too late!

Try this exercise: Try describing yourself in a couple,of paragraphs, who you are and what has brought you to where you are today. Read it back. Do you like that description? If not, what can be changed?

It is also helpful to record your dreams and hopes, your life goals and aspirations.  What are your priorities? Think about what you did in the last week or two and consider how you divide your time. Try not to be negative and don’t worry about what other people may think. What would you like to develop or change?  Be aware change may involve taking you out of your comfort zone, but challenging yourself either personally or professionally can bring out the best in you and will undoubtedly boost your confidence going forward.

Sometimes it may take months, or even years, to achieve your goal, sometimes it can be completed in an afternoon. Whatever yours involves, tell yourself you can do it, visualise your new self and take a first step on the path towards it.

Be kind to yourself when you are making your reinvention plans and thinking about your current situation.  Don’t define yourself in a negative way as this will not give you any confidence to proceed. Also, don’t  be afraid of making big plans! Be brave, and don’t let your view of yourself in the past, affect you going forward.


One of the problems around reinventing yourself, particularly if it is an ambitious project,  is committing time to it. Most people are so busy beavering away in their lives, (which may or may not be fulfilling), they don’t properly consider a more satisfying future, other than vague, unformulated hopes or ideas that have never made it to the planning stage. If the goal is vague, so will the journey be!  If you don’t have long term firm goals, life slips by while you busy yourself with the small things that take up every day.  Try to imagine yourself twenty years older, and imagine what you will be regretting not having done.  Even if your goal cannot be achieved overnight,  if you  are consistently working towards something, (as well as getting all the everyday things done),  you are likely to feel more fulfilled immediately, even though you may not have actualised the goal yet.

In order to fulfill your potential, you need to understand your behavior and your motivations, and you need to be aware of why you are the way you are, and the impact that has on other people. You not only need to “define you,” but to define the path you want to take through life, to understand your purpose, and to feel confident in pushing the boundaries.” Fiona Murden


When you are considering your reinvention plans remind yourself to check that this is coming from your personal hopes and aspirations, not anyone else’s.  It’s easy to become concerned with what others around us think. Don’t adjust your ‘new you’ goals to anyone else’s expectations or requirements.

Once you have decided to reinvent yourself and planned where you want to be, don’t be put off if things don’t work every time as you try to move in that direction. If it’s a long term plan, (such as getting a degree) there may be a few setbacks along the way, but don’t be put off course. Find someone who supports you and your plan and regularly talk about your progress.

Be brave! Change is never easy but it often brings substantial rewards, some of which we may have never even considered when we started out. If you yearn for change, take a first step along the path and let the journey towards that change define you, as much as the goal itself. ❤️

We are all poised to create the lives we want, but we must first uncover and discard the beliefs that no longer serve us. Let go of your labels and greet each day open to the possibilities of who you might be. Your potential is limitless.” Rachel Greyczuk 


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  1. This is a great post; I really like the idea of reinventing. When I turned 40, I felt a strong need to make drastic changes. I know what I’d like to do, but sometimes it’s not easy. Great picture of you, by the way. I love the discreet nose ring and hair color. Very pretty.

  2. I loved reading this. I feel like I need to reinvent myself and I’m unafraid to do it, but I think I’ve become a little more cautious as I’ve gotten older – almost like I have to be a little more calculating in my decisions.

    • Ah thank you for reading. Nothing wrong with being cautious, as long as it doesn’t hold you back. I hope you do go for it – exciting!

    • Oh that’s fabulous! Thank you for reading and good luck! Let me know how you get on!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your ideas about reinventing yourself. I often think about how life has changed, nothing is the same. You can’t go back but as you say you can reinvent yourself. Cheers 🙂

  4. This is something I’m going through right now after a career change and a relationship change. Turning 54 soon and want a more fulfilling life rather than just being in survival mode all the time. Your article is very helpful, thank-you 🙂

    • Bless you thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Good luck with everything xx

  5. Boy, could I relate to this blog. This happened to me after a few years caring for my Mom who had Lewy Body dementia. After she died, I felt lost. My life and my thoughts had revolved around her care. And I felt like a totally different person. Like you pointed out, sometimes when something bad happens it helps you reexamine your priorities, rediscover yourself, and make changes to ‘reinvent’ yourself. For example, although I had been a freelance writer for 30 years and loved it, all the deadlines and writing about subjects that sometimes didn’t interest me was getting a bit old. So, I decided to take steps toward independence with a blog and a few book projects. During the past three years since my mother’s death, I’ve been losing the weight I had piled on stress-eating while caregiving. I grew my hair long – something I hadn’t done since I was a teen. And I made plans to visit Africa which has been a lifelong dream of mine. As you said to those thinking about reinventing themselves – be brave and go for it. Great advice and great article. Am sharing. By the way, your hair looks fab!

    • What an absolutely lovely comment and I apologise for my delay in responding. I’m going to be following your blog with interest and it sounds as if it is going to be very inspiring. It is so common that a very sad event, in your case your mums illness, can be the catalyst for reinvention. How wonderful to go to Africa, I’ve never been, I hope you write about that! Keep in touch!

  6. What an inspirational post. I turned 45 this year, and it only recently clicked that “middle-aged” literally means I’ve got half my life left (knock on wood). So I started asking myself how I want my next 45 years to look. Thanks for this uplifting article for those of us who occasionally wonder if it’s too late. When I take care to manage my thoughts, I know it’s never too late! Look forward to reading more!

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