50 Things I Want To Do Before I Die.. (And a few I don’t.)

I have said before, in many of these posts, I am really enjoying my 50’s. I would even go as far to say that I’m loving them! Much as I miss my children, who have both now left home, as have my 2 stepchildren, their being gone affords Andy and I a certain freedom that I didn’t have in my 30’s or 40’s.

So, I am 53 this summer and more than half way through my life. That doesn’t make me feel sad, but it does make me think that there are a number of things I really want to do while I am still fit and healthy (and mobile), so I thought it was about time I put together my personal bucket list.


This is not just about visiting places I have dreamed of, or just simply sight seeing, I was thinking aswell about my goals and dreams, events I would like to witness, or something new I would like to learn.

So here, in no particular order, is my bucket list. Please reply with yours in the comments. You may have ideas I haven’t even considered, and I don’t want to miss out!


1. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt. I have still not been, and it’s been a travel goal of mine since I was a child!

2. Get up close to a big cat. I nearly managed this in Mauritius a couple of years ago, but am keen to only go where the animals are treated well, as I’m not a big fan of zoo’s or any venue that uses animals for entertainment.

3. Visit the Grand Canyon.

4. Make a piece of clothing for myself that I will wear. That may sound simple but I’m not good at sewing and I wish I were.

5. Go paragliding (over the sea, not land)

6. Own a horse and have the time/ freedom to ride out every day. (This is me and Jai below on holiday in Mauritius)


7. Visit The Great Barrier Reef.

8. Be a blonde again. After years of having near black hair, I’m on the way back to being blonde,  it’s a lengthy process!

9. Write a novel. I’ve always got ideas for at least 3 novels kicking around in my head. It would be wonderful to get at least one of them down in print!

10. Visit Canada. That’s going to be possible soon, as my son is going there to live.

12. Do a wine tasting at a vineyard (somewhere hot.)


13. See the Northern Lights.

14. Visit Edinburgh Castle.

15. Learn sign language.

16. Act in a film. It doesn’t have to be a leading role!

17. Promote Somekindof50 on local TV or radio.

18. Live in Spain in a house on the beach.

19. Go on a non-planned holiday and be away at least months.

20. Fly first class.

21. Take a hot air balloon trip.


22. Visit Lapland.

23. See the New Year in in Sydney, Australia.

24. Adopt a donkey.

25. Start a cat rescue sanctuary.

26. Have my hair done by a famous hairdresser.

27. Have a facelift (just a little one!)

28. Visit a live volcano.


29. Travel on the Orient Express.

30. Visit The South of France and go shopping.

31. Go to a costume party.

32. Stay at The Ritz (or Claridges!) in London.

33. Get a tiny tattoo. I’ve always wanted an eye on my shoulder!

34. Float in the Dead Sea.

35. Stay overnight in a haunted house.

36. Visit Niagra Falls.

37. Have a mud bath.

38. Swim with dolphins (wild ones).

39. Visit New Orleans for The Day of the Dead festival.

40. Own a dog. Preferably a Labrador, but I’m not fussy.


41. See Manchester United live in a cup final (Champions League would be nice!)

42. Ride a gondola in Venice.

43. Write poetry.

44. Do a Masters or even PhD in History. I got my BA Hons. in 1987 and have wanted to do a MA ever since.

45. Keep bees and make my own honey.

45. Ride pillion on a big motorbike.

46. Learn calligraphy.


47. Teach an exercise class.

48. Learn Latin. I’m a great fan of medieval and Tudor history and would love to be able to read some of the original letters and documents that can be viewed at libraries and museums.

49. Spend 24 hours in an Abbey.

50. Make and sell my own line of confectionary or cakes.

….and finally a few I have no desire whatsoever to do – take a ride in a helicopter,  hold a snake, or parachute out of a plane. Thanks, but you can keep those ❤️😁


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I disagree on several, though. For instance, I have a sweet lab that I’d love to give you! Unfortunately, she’s more loved by the rest of the family than I am. On the things you don’t want to do, we agree 100%. I want to be able to travel more, and I’d love to take a long trip alone.

    • Oh wow! Have a fantastic time in Peru! Babies are pretty mobile if you can be relaxed about it, so I’m sure you will be back to visiting all sorts of exotic locations with baby in tow! Good luck with everything❤️

  2. Wow, that’s an impressive list. A few of those things I’d also like to do, and a few I’ve done. (I like in Canada and am a novelist) 🙂 Good luck!!!

    • Thank You! How wonderful – send me a link to your books, I’d love to take a look! Thanks for reading.

      • Thank you. I’ll send you the link to my latest, which is the 5th in my Casey Holland mystery series. I don’t want to inundate you 🙂

  3. Terrific piece of list… Visit a live volcano really… All of your wishes will come true… Life is all about travelling and experiencing..

  4. Wow, such a wonderful list. You have inspired me to write down my wish list and you even introduced some of the fascinating options. I knew nothing about 😀
    Have a good weekend.

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