Grumpy Old Woman

Grumpy old woman. Yes. I am one. I couldn’t tell you for how long. Perhaps it has crept up on me in recent years, but I’m well and truly there now. I’m absolutely sure that these little things annoy me far more now than they used to.. .but in the spirit of true grumpiness, here are 50 things from modern life that continually irriate me….

*Please note this is a light hearted post, and not to be taken too seriously. 😬


1. Anyone who calls me “Hun” (particularly those I don’t know)

2. Drivers, who I let out into the traffic and don’t thank me.

3. People who say “D’ya know what I mean?” at the end of every sentence.

4. People who speak with their mouths full of food.

5. People who swear every other word.

6. Anyone who is mean, on any level, to animals.

7. People who chew gum constantly.

8. People who assume I don’t know anything about football.

9. Overcharging for mediocre food in restaurants.

10. Being served chilled red wine.

11. Being served warm white wine.


12. People who swear using the ‘C’ word.

13. Replacement buses when trains are cancelled.

14. Not being able to sit down on a busy train when I’ve paid for an overpriced ticket.

15. Random warning lights coming on in cars and then going off again.

16. Mini garages who look down their noses when you say you will get the work done elsewhere.

17. Standing in a shop waiting to be served while assstants stand around chatting.


18. Shop staff who give you change with a note in your hand and then put the coins on top of that.

19. Having to pay 40p to go to the loo and then the toilets aren’t very nice.

20. Shopping centres with not enough parking.

21. Manchester and Gatwick Airport where you have to walk 20 miles once you have got off the plane to get to the exit.

22. Being served a Gin and Tonic in a highball glass.

23. People who scrape plates and cutlery when eating.

24. People who talk really LOUDLY on their mobile phones.

25. People who say “I’m on the train” loudly into their mobile phone, when they are on the train.

26. Myself, when I realise I’ve bitten off all my nails off again.

27. Reality shows. Sorry, yes, ALL of them.

28. People who tell me with pride, that they “hate cats”.

29. Neighbours who take in a parcel for you and then moan when you pick it up from them.

30. People who take up the whole of the arm rest when you are sitting next to them on a plane.


31. The government telling me what is healthy to eat / drink… and then changing their minds the following week.

32. Cars that drive right up close behind you.

33. People who moan about the NHS. Be grateful we have one!

34. Brexit. Enough said.

35. Parents who ignore their children when they run wild  in public.

36. People who assume you want their advice.

37. Doctors receptionists who interrogate you about your condition in order to determine whether you are ‘worthy’ of an appointment.

38. Getting in your car when someone else has driven it and changed all the seat / mirror / radio settings.

39.  Not being able to remember why I went upstairs.

40. Loving a song on the radio and then the DJ talks all over it.

41. Pushy upselling from shop assistants.

42. Shop assistants selling you ‘breakage’ insurance.

43. Self checkouts which say “place item in the bagging area” when the item IS IN THE BAGGING AREA.

44. People who tell me I can’t support Manchester United (for 42 years so far) because I don’t live in Manchester.

45. Putting your phone on charge all night and then waking up to find you didn’t switch it on at the wall.

46. When the hot water runs out half way through washing your hair.

47. People who sneeze/cough without putting their hand over their nose/mouth.

48. People who drop litter.

49. Holding on the phone for twenty minutes on a customer services line, and then realising you have been charged £1 a minute and/or getting cut off.

50. People who are late and don’t think they have any reason to apologise.

So there you have it! I’m sure you can come up with a few more, and please let me know in your comments!

At the end of the day though, this is a light hearted post, and I hope I have not given offence. And if I have, you can put me on your own list!😬





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  1. With you on a lot of these, especially no.27. As for no.44 I wouldn’t worry – most of their supporters have never been near the place 😉

  2. If these make you a grumpy woman, then I guess I’m a grumpy old man. There are a few differences here in Texas, though. In the states, we never have to pay for a public restroom, but they are almost all horribly dirty.

    • Ah… I kind of like that. Even if I go hungry as I don’t want to disturb her when it’s lunchtime …or spend the night in a uncomfortable position as she is taking up the whole bed 😂😂

  3. We have to lock him out at lunch time otherwise its up on the lap and drools on the plate . My other one is fine he wont go near a lap.

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