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Oh my word! What an evening, I feel like a child in a sweet shop! Welcome to the wonderful world of Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare.💋

I came across the brand a couple of years ago when shopping in London and although I immediately became a fan of the Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils, because there was no local store, I was not really aware of the full extent of the range.

And then one Saturday,  a couple of weeks ago, Charlotte Tilbury opened in my local John Lewis, located in West Quay, Southampton.


This evening the brand hosted a ‘Masterclass’ in store led by SJ Wai, a makeup artist who has been with Charlotte for 5 years and works on a lot of the campaign shoots and catwalk looks. She is also part of Charlotte’s development team.

SJ started with giving our group a bit of background about the brand and Charlotte herself.  Although born in London, Charlotte grew up with her parents, artist Lance Tilbury and luxury production manager Patsy Dodd, in Ibiza.  When she was 13, Charlotte moved back to London for boarding school,  and started getting interested in the world of makeup. Surrounded by the very glamorous world of her parents, Charlotte was drawn to the beautiful women she saw at the house and at events, and wanted to make that beauty and those looks,  accessible to everyone.

“I want to make EVERY WOMAN the most BEAUTIFUL VERSION OF THEMSELVES” – Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte attended the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup, and began her career assisting Mary Greenwell, whom she had met at age 11 in Ibiza.  At 19, she met Kate Moss and worked with her consistently over the next few years. Charlotte has a huge following among her celebrity clients.


Charlotte has developed 10 iconic looks which are on display in every store. The looks are designed to suit a range of styles and ages: Choose from ‘Dolce Vita’ ‘Rock Chick’ ‘Vintage Vamp’ and ‘Bombshell’ amongst others. Customers can experiment with these looks with help from artists in store.

*Pictured below (Left) SJ Wai and Model Jackie


Sj began her demonstration with model Jackie using Charlotte’s Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, a very interesting concept as it is a dry mask, but administers skin with a variety of wonderful products including vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters.  You can use the mask up to 3 times, and then put them in your shoes to keep your feet soft (as apparently Charlotte does!)

SJ then applied Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Famous in the catwalk world, this cream has collagen and anti ageing ingredients, hyaluronic acid and floral oils that intensely moisturise skin. It is the perfect base for makeup, as it is a serum and day cream all in one and gives an instantaneous glow.  This was first in my shopping bag!  SJ also showcased the Goddess Skin Clay Mask which extracts impurities and is anti ageing and the Wonderglow Face Primer, which not only primes skin before makeup,  but creates a fresh dewy look. SJ explained that these three are Charlotte’s 3 core skincare products.


SJ applied Magic Eye Rescue under Jackie’s eyes to protect against puffiness.  This product contains time release retinol to refine and resurface the skin around the eyes to give a younger fresher look.

Having primed the skin, SJ began applying makeup: Magic Foundation is available in a wide variety of shades and gives the skin a very dewy glow, while the Hollywood Flawless Filter can be used to highlight areas such as nose and cheeks. SJ used a brush to apply the foundation as she likes to blend different shades together. The Mini Miracle Eye Wand Concealer was applied under Jackie’s  eyes, and SJ informed us that it should not be applied right up to the lash – there should always be a small gap.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow was used to highlight, shape and contour Jackie’s face and her eyebrows were given definition with the Legendary Brows in Perfect Brow.


Sj used the new for Christmas, Stars In Your Eyes Palette to blend 2 or 3 russet colours across the eye lid and used a darker colour on the crease and a highlighter on the inner eye nearest the nose. This was all absolutely fascinating for me who previously had just underlined my eyes, added mascara,  smeared a bit of lipstick on and left the house! I may well be tempted by this palette – it really is gorgeous!… And it is a limited edition.

Sj used Rock‘N’Khol  Eyeliner in Barberella Brown  and advised against putting too much dark on the inner side of the eye. She also showed us the The Classic Audrey which is a soft dark brown pencil for a more gentle look. Full Fat Lashes mascara is a good mascara for daywear, while  Legendary Lashes can be used for evening for super volumizing.

SJ lined Jackie’s lips with Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. I have never been a fan of lip liners but I think I’m hooked, they certainly make the lips look much more full and stop lipstick bleeding. SJ also used Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk and let us into a secret for those that love this shade: Pillow Talk  blusher and shadow will also soon be available.


Charlotte offers multiple Lipstick ranges including Matte Revolution, K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Hollywood Lips.  Hollywood lips is the one to try, if like me, you are interested in staying power.  Finally, Collagen Lip Bath was applied to Jackie’s lips as a finishing gloss, this product can also be used as a stand-alone if lips are dry.

I had such fun this evening, our group were given Prosecco, cookies in the shape of lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury bags ….and the expert knowledge of the wonderful SJ.   It was a great evening, well thought out and delivered.

I am very impressed with this range. What really appeals to me about this brand is the sheer GLAMOUR it offers. I feel fabulous just looking at these wonderful products,  and I can’t wait to get home and try them out! 💋💄


*All opinions and words are my own. Please visit for more information on any of the products mentioned in this post.


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