Take a Break and Recharge


I’m on holiday at the moment and it is FABULOUS! All my work cares and worries have disappeared. I’m sleeping better and longer, I wake every morning without anxiety, I’m relaxed and completely at ease. My soul thanks me for this.

The week before we came out here,  I had absolutely had enough of just about everything. I was tired, stressed,  grouchy and super sensitive. I have quite a stressful day job, and sometimes it all gets a bit too much. My job is 24/7 and is relentless. I don’t sleep as well as I might and week days become a challenge to get through, rather than experiences to be enjoyed. When we arrived, I was at the point of breaking.  My external stresses internalise and become physical ailments such as neck pain, due to the tension in my shoulders and back. I get headaches and jaw pain, and my old favourite,  IBS.

All these things ring alarm bells and tell me it’s time to get away. I need to distance myself from the stress and recharge.   My beach holiday isn’t everyones cup of tea of course, I’m well aware that holidays mean different things to different people. A week rock climbing or caving wouldn’t be my idea of relaxation, but each to his own. Whether time away involves activity or inactivity,  exotic locations or ‘staycations’,  take time to remove yourself from the usual everyday and recharge your batteries, you will cope better when you return.


For me, in the space of a short flight,  I am transported to a whole different world. Its  about 28 degrees, the pool is inviting and Andy has a windy beach conveniently located a short walk away. We fall into a Groundhog Day situation – we rise, eat and swim at almost the same time every day. My only decision making is around whether I want a cocktail or a G&T mid afternoon.  The simplistic routine of it is the perfect antidote. I can’t stop smiling.  I spent yesterday afternoon in the sea diving through big crashing waves and (according to Andy) beaming at everyone around me!


It would make sense then that occasionally taking time off and resting makes one better able to cope with work on return.  I do succumb to panicking the days before I leave that work will not survive without me. But it does. Every time. And the same issues and problems are there when I return.

Sitting by the pool this afternoon, the chap on the next sun bed is having a very heated discussion on his mobile and, although I am trying not to listen, sounds very work orientated to me. I refuse point blank to bring my work phone with me on holiday and I never log in to my work email account.  Even if I was only on the phone 5 minutes a day,  I would be squarely back in work mode, and the issues would be on my mind a lot longer than those 5 minutes! “I’ll just respond to this 1 email…. “ never works. One soon turns into 20! There  is a case of course , for having a complete break from everything. Even social media. Imagine! Turning off the internet completely, no Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. *Gasp!*  I  must admit, I have been blogging while I am away, mainly because it’s a source of relaxation for me.


I’m also doing what I always do on holidays,  I’m busily thinking of ways  to avoid going back to work. Don’t get me wrong,  I love my job, but there is something about living a ‘temporary’ life of luxury that makes me want it to go on forever. I hopefully ask Andy what he thinks about retirement.   He doesn’t answer, just sighs and goes back  to his book.  He has heard it all before.  Unfortunately my credit card bills are not going to allow me to retire until I’m about 86…. but I can still dream about a lottery win/ unexpected inheritance to resolve those pesky monetary considerations.

Holidays are  snap shots in time. If I was on holiday every day and even moved to a resort like this one,  I know myself well enough to know that I would soon be bored. I also know when we get back I will have a serious case of the holiday blues for a week or two…. but I will be invigorated and ready to put my all into work again.  We are going home soon, and, as soon as we touch down, I’m going to be on my laptop looking for my next break.

We have been  staying in Fuerteventura- so please have a look at my post on this beautiful resort later this week.❤️

”Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax” – Bryant McGill


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