52 things I have learnt in 52 years


1. Lancôme Hypnose is the best mascara.  Stop wasting money trying other brands.

2. Never ever make a decision when you are angry.

3. Walk away from people who are tough to be around, no matter who they are.

4. Animals are a lot nicer than people.

5. You will never win the lottery. Stop buying tickets.

6. Exercise as much as you can.  It’s never a waste of time and will be good for your heart and soul.

7. Do not live for tomorrow. Enjoy and make the best of now.


8.  Take no notice whatsoever of government health guidelines, they are liable to make you sick.

9. When people you care about are in trouble,  the best thing you can do is just be with them. Do not judge or try and fix the situation, just listen.

10. Go on holiday/ travel whenever and wherever you can. These experiences are priceless.


11. Try not to worry about the things that stress you out daily.  Consider if you are likely to be worrying about the same problem in a year.

12. Get lots of sleep.

13. Play your favourite music at least once a day and sing  or dance with abandon.

14. Love wholeheartedly.  Give your everything to your partner. There is no time for half measures.


15, if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, leave. You will be much better off on your own.

16. Stay focused on your career whatever it is, but don’t get caught up in thinking that big bucks means big happiness.

17. Do not ever be tempted by false nails. Whatever anyone says, they ruin your natural nails.

18. Money spent on a good haircut is an investment.


19. Find a hobby that excites you and throw yourself into it.

20. Learn to like yourself.   In the end, never mind how happy your love life, there is only you.

21. Save money if you want, but don’t stint on buying memories. That’s a false economy.

22. Invest in a really gorgeous winter coat.

23. Give your children all the time they need. One day they won’t need you as much.


24. Give money to charities you believe in.

25. Be kind.

26. When you have made a mistake, apologise unreservedly.

27. Make an effort to learn another language.

28. Look after your eyes.

29. Don’t dismiss another’s beliefs just because they are not your own.

30. Adopt a live and let live policy.


31. It’s never too late to further your education.

32. Give a home to a rescue animal. You will never regret it.

33. Time spent on a beach is never wasted, being near the sea will rejuvenate your spirit.

34. Invest in beautiful shoes.

35. Visit your dentist regularly .

36. Be careful when giving advice. It may not always be welcome.


37. Don’t become over involved in social media. It’s not a true reflection of life, yours or anyone else’s.

38. Don’t judge people. You cannot know what has brought them to the place they are in today.

39. Ignore anyone who says that wine is bad for you.

40. Good food and good company are the key to a great evening.

41. Make time to go to the cinema and theatre.

42. Take the time to apply perfume before you go out. It will have a positive effect on you and everyone you meet.

43. Don’t be afraid to take a stand when you believe in something.


44. Spend time with people who make you laugh. There is nothing better.

45. There will be a time when Manchester United stop winning everything,  prepare yourself for that day.

46. Try not to take things personally – no one is thinking about you as much as you are.

47. Only let people who are going to make your life better into your circle.


48. Whatever you choose to be, be a good one.

49. Compliment others.

50. Smile at strangers.

51. Don’t waste time on regret.

52. Happiness is a choice you can make every single day, and everything else is just perspective.




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  1. Great start to your blogging life, Karen. You are a rather good writer my dear and have an extremely natural style – keep up the good work. Not so sure about you being a Man U fan though (says the Chelsea supporter!) – although I’m a bit of a turncoat – used to be an avid Saints fan when growing up, believe it or not, very near the edge of the New Forest! But, alas, I came to London, fell in love with all things blue at Stamford Bridge and the rest is history.

    Must confess am rather in awe of your 52 things learned – I would probably struggle with 10! Ah, the lessons were there but I just wasn’t paying any attention!

    I look forward to following your words of wisdom.

    • Thanks you so much for such kind words! Ha! Love the football connection and I feel very lucky to live near the Forest. Husband is a Saints fan so I follow them very closely, but when they play each other it has to be the Red Devils for me! Appreciate your following and your encouraging words. I’m still very new and doubting of what I’m writing, so I can’t tell you what it means to be your taking the time to leave this comment. Thank you again ❤️

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