I’m in Brighton this morning and have got an hour or so before my next appointment so I wander up from the seafront and find myself in The Lanes which are Brighton’s famous array of quirky independent boutiques and tiny shops arranged in Dickensian style twisty narrow streets and alleys.


I continually lose my way in The Lanes,  but never fail to find my way to No 3 Meeting House Lane and my favourite shop – the sweet heaven that is Choccywoccydodah. I absolutely recommend a visit if you are visiting the town. Interestingly the Choccy website appears to anticipate that you may have difficulty finding them and handily gives directions!


Choccywoccydodah has been in business 25 years in Brighton (they also have a sister store in Covent Garden in London) and my dream job is surely working there as Chief Taster.   Please consider me Choccy, if this vacancy ever arises) It really is very special and you will be in absolute awe of the incredible sculptures made out of chocolate and cake over 2 floors.

The aroma hits you as you enter and I wandered around in a heavenly chocolate fog for as long as I wanted. It’s part tourist attraction and part shop and the staff are incredibly friendly and are happy to talk to you about its choccy roots.

The two Christine’s are the owners and they have built a business through clever marketing and incredible artistry. Choccy really took off when it was featured in a reality type show on terrestrial television  and people tuned in to see the hugely likeable team master the daily challenges of designing and making celebrity cakes and chocolate sculptures for events and orders, usually to a very tight deadline.

The television show is no longer running but you can catch it on YouTube, and is definitely worth a look.   Choccy is not only a shop selling cake and chocolate for all budgets and tastes, it houses a Cake Garden (tea for 2 €30 per person) and you can also book The Witches Kitchen upatairs “ a dedicated area for 1 hour of sheer chocolate indulgence” .  Oh, go on then….

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